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You might be looking for the most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts for your business. After all, these tools can make your work life much easier. From selecting cells and ranges to editing formulas, you’ll find the information you need in this article. To get the most out of these tools, make sure to bookmark this article for future reference. And, if you find these shortcuts helpful, you can share them with others. Listed below are some of the most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts for your business.

PivotTable keyboard shortcuts

There are several different keyboard shortcuts for the PivotTable feature in Excel. The ALT + A key combination will remove a pivot table field and press R to insert it somewhere else. The ALT + A + M key combination will move the pivot table field to a different location and open the Move Field dialog box. The ALT + A + F key combination changes the summary function of a pivot table field.

To toggle the Field List window on or off, click the Field List button located on the Analyze tab. The button is located in the upper-right corner of the window. Another way to show/hide the Field List window is to right-click on the pivot table. When you do this, you’ll see a drop-down list of the fields you’ve selected. You can also change the default appearance by clicking the gear wheel with a downward arrow on the PivotTable fields window.

Selecting cells or ranges

To quickly select cells or ranges in Excel, you can use the keyboard shortcuts described below. The CTRL+Shift+A keystroke selects a range of cells or ranges. It also selects the entire sheet, contiguous ranges, and range ends. This keystroke also selects objects within the worksheet, such as images, charts, forms, SmartArt, and more.

Pressing the Shift key while using the arrow keys can select a group of cells. For example, pressing the Shift key while pressing the down arrow key four times will select cells A1 through A5. This can also be used to select the entire row or column of data. This shortcut allows you to select a range without resizing the worksheet. You can also select a range by holding the Ctrl key and pressing the spacebar.

Editing formulas

There are several ways to save time when editing formulas in Excel. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can easily manipulate the contents of formulas and make them easier to read. Here are five ways to save time:

Pressing the F2 key will enter cell edit mode and cycle through the available modes. The “point” mode allows you to move the cursor to a specific cell; the “enter” mode allows you to move the cursor into a specific cell. Pressing F2 repeatedly will cycle through the edit modes. You can also see which mode is active in the status bar. Once you’ve learned how to use Excel keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be well on your way to achieving professional-grade results.

Undoing multiple changes

To undo changes in Excel, you should click the Undo button in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of your spreadsheet. Clicking the Undo button will restore your worksheet to the previous point in the history of actions. You can also press the redo button to redo the last action. This is a convenient way to undo multiple changes in Excel. But be careful: it is easy to make mistakes when you use Excel’s keyboard shortcuts.

If you accidentally make multiple changes, you can always undo them again by using the Undo shortcut. Hold the Ctrl key and click on the tabs of the worksheets. Then press Ctrl+Z to undo the changes made to multiple worksheets. The Undo shortcut will move you back one step and forward one step. You can use this shortcut as many times as you like.

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